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  • Batavia Tournament

    FIRST Lego League 


    Saturday,December 19, 2015

    Location Rotola Middle School
    1501 S. Raddant Rd
    Batavia, IL 60510 

     Doors Open

     Opening Ceremony  9AM
     Closing Ceremony  3:35 - 4:15 PM
     Food availability Food availble for purchase
     Parking instructions & Building entrance  
    Tournament Coordinator Contact Name  Ron Karabowicz
     Tournament Coordinator email and telephone  rkarabowicz@bataviarobotics.com, 630-879-1360

    Event Overview

    This event has been put together with the kids in mind. They will be occupied by something nearly every minute of the day. The judges will engage the kids with questions and will strive to make this a positive experience for all. Some teams will move on to the State event, some teams will get awards, some teams may see their robot crash and burn, but all will be treated like winners.

    Most of the event will take place in the gym and classrooms. Team robotic performance matches will be in the gym, with seating for spectators, though most everyone crowds around the tables for a closer view. One pair of tables will be used for tournament play. Each team will have the opportunity to play a total of four rounds (two at each table). Practice tables and pit areas will be available too.

    Robot Design, Research Presentation and Core Values judging will run concurrently during the Performance rounds. All judging will be held in classrooms away from all the noise and excitement going on in the gym. Please keep track of when and where you are supposed to be. We would like you to be waiting outside of the room for your presentation at least 5 minutes prior to your start time. Please be quiet while waiting because another team may be presenting. Rooms will be clearly marked with signs, and you will receive a schedule when you register upon arriving. There will be queuing managers to help teams keep track of where they’re supposed to be, but ultimately it is the team’s responsibility to be on time.

    There will be a short break at the end of the tournament while the refs and judges deliberate on final scores and judging sheets. Gather your team and find seats for the closing ceremony in the gym.

    Most importantly, bring a good sense of humor. This tournament is put on entirely by volunteers. Show them your support and appreciation for what they have put together for you. Check your worries and egos at the door. Have fun! 

    What to do when your team arrives

    Parking is available in the school lots.  You may pull up near the doors, to drop off and unload, but please don’t stay there too long as other cars may be also waiting to drop off.

    Once you have unloaded and parked your vehicle, coaches should head for the registration table in the lobby. There we will collect Consent Forms and Team Information Sheets, you will then receive a tournament packet containing the day’s schedule, your pre-ordered t-shirts and any last minute instructions.

    Teams will be assigned to a pre-designated classroom that they will use as their pit area. After registration, you and your team can setup in your pit area and get settled in. your team number will be placed on the classroom (pit) door. Do not move, remove or cover it up, the judges and runners need this to help them find your team during the day. 

    Consent Release Forms

    Each team needs to bring Consent Release forms, signed, for each student, coach and volunteer attending (NO EXCEPTIONS – Participation is contingent on filled out and signed forms before the opening ceremonies). These will be collected at check in BEFORE you receive your packet.

     Team Information Sheet

    The Judges see so many kids/teams during the course of the day. This sheet was designed to help them identify and remember everyone as well as some of their key points. The information sheet is a PDF form (Separate attachment) that should be filled out electronically. Please print out 4 color copies to bring with to the tournament and hand in when you check in.

    Schedule of the Day

    This schedule is subject to change, but should give you an approximate idea of how the day will progress.

    8:00 – 8:40

    * Registration


    Coaches Meeting

    9:00 – 9:25

    Opening Ceremonies

    9:40 – Lunch

    Performance Rounds / Judging Sessions


    ** Lunch for Tournament A

    12:30 – 1:00

    ** Lunch for Tournament B

    Lunch – 3:15

    Performance Rounds / Judging Sessions

    3:15 – 3:35

    Score Tallying

    3:35 – 4:15

    Awards & Closing Ceremonies

    4:15 – 4:45

    Tournament Break-down and Clean up

    * Coffee and donuts will be sold during registration.

     ** Overall public food services will be available from 11:30-1:00, however each tournament will have separate lunch times for the teams since we cannot fit everyone in the lunchroom at the same time. Please respect your allotted time so as to allow setup and clean up time for other tournament.

    Lunch Break

    Each team will have designated tables assigned with their team number. Although there will be some food available for sale, (pizza, beverages, candy, snacks) teams can preorder their lunch and have it waiting for them at their table and avoid waiting in line. Preordering is highly recommended. Please use the preorder form provided at the end of this document. The deadline for order forms and payment is November XX, 2013. No late preorders will be accepted.

    Food and drinks are not allowed anywhere else in the building except in the cafeteria. You may bring in your own food but it must be eaten in the cafeteria at your designated time. Proceeds from food sales help pay for our local tournament and fund the FLL program, so please come hungry, order plenty and help keep our program running.

    * Note that peanut products will be present in the cafeteria and during food preparation.


    Site Rules for the Day

    Please observe the following rules:

    • Please clean up your pit area after the tournament.
    • DO NOT wander the building! Everyone must stay within the competition area (limited to the competition rooms, pits, presentation rooms, and the hallway connecting those).

    Transporting your robot during the event

    It will happen… someone will drop their robot and watch the parts explode in a million directions. It’s not pretty. You might consider a plastic container for carrying your robot during the event. If it drops you have a better chance of collecting all of the parts and re-assembling it.


    Pit Area and Practice Field Information

    The pit is the area where teams can come between performance rounds, judging, etc. Like an auto race, the teams come here to tune up their robots, exchange parts, etc. Each team will have a table, chairs, and some space. Limited power outlets will be available near the pit areas.  We will need to share outlets. You can bring your computer, robot, kit, and other assorted goodies. There may not be a lot of room to “hang out” in the pit area, but there will be plenty of seating in the main competition to come and watch other teams compete. 

    Practice fields are for testing your robots and making last minute changes. Teams need to limit their time to 5 minutes and then letting another team use the field to respect the needs of others.

    The practice fields should run similar to that of the matches. No more than two students and a coach should be allowed up at the practice field. All other team members should stand back.

    Practice fields, as well as the competition fields make use of challenge kits that are generously donated for the day. Please respect the property and take care of the challenge pieces as if they were your own.


    Rules for Competition Area

    Official FTC rules for tournament play along with commonly asked questions and answers are located at:            


    Team members at the table will have a brief time to inspect the playing surface and prepare your robot for tournament play. Coaches and Students should not touch any table elements. If you think something is improperly setup on the table, the student should notify the referee immediately so that it may be corrected.

    Team members must not touch the competition table during performance runs.

    The score is determined at the END of the match, based on the condition of the field at that time only. This means that points won’t be awarded for successful missions that the robot accidentally trashes before the match ends.

    Scoring Overview

    The top few teams will advance to the State Tournament based of an equal weighting of the following categories, plus finish in the top 50% of the Robot Performance Scoring.

    • Technical Judging
    • Research Presentation Judging
    • Core Values Judging

    About 25% of the teams will advance from each of the Qualifier Tournaments to the State Tournament in February 2014. 

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