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    FLL Ambassador Program and Ambassador Award


    The purpose of this award is to recognize teams with outstanding enthusiasm for, and understanding of, FLL core values.

    The Illinois Ambassador Team must be willing to represent FLL and FLL Core Values to the general public and assist in growing and sustaining the FLL program in Illinois. The Ambassador teams hold that title for one year.  Duties begin at the awards’ presentation and end at next year’s tournament when the new ambassadors are named. Ambassador duties may include mentoring other teams, publicizing FLL by attending outreach opportunities such as presentations to potential sponsors, conferences or other public events.

    Teams must first qualify for participation in their Illinois Championship Tournament. Teams that wish to be considered for this award must fill out an application.  The panel of judges will use these applications to select teams to be interviewed in the next level of competition at the Championship Tournaments. They will be judged on the following criteria:

    • How well the team exhibits and understands FLL values and the FLL program
    • The team’s ability to be a positive and enthusiastic representative for FLL
    • The ability of the team to express themselves clearly and in a positive manner
    • Particular emphasis is placed on the outreach efforts the team has already made.


    The Application includes 3 parts:

    1. A 1-sheet cover page
    2. A list of outreach performed since the 2014 Championship tournament.
    3. An essay of no more than 500 words.  


     The Ambassador Award application is available for download here.