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Illinois Announcement List:

Illinois FLL sends out important information about training, competitions and events in Illinois through the Illinois Announcement list.  The Announcement List is for registered FLL teams and the only way we communicate with coaches.  We suggest two adult team members join the Announcement List.  If you have not already subscribed to the announcement list in prior seasons, you will receive an invitation to subscribe to the Illinois Announcement List after you register nationally.  Follow the directions in the invitation to complete the subscription.

Please note that if you do not choose to complete the subscription when you receive this email, we will not be able to send the invitation to you again due to the anti-spamming policy of the administrators of the announcement list.  Instead, you will need to use the following direct link to the Announcement List to sign-up

Any questions can be directed to


Yahoo! group for FLL Illinois:

The Yahoo! Group for Illinois FLL is your means of communicating with other Illinois FLL teams.  If you would like to join the Yahoo! Group, please complete the following steps:

1.  You will receive an invitation to join the Yahoo! group after you register your team nationally.  Click on the link in the invitation to “Join This Group” and follow the directions to set up your membership. 

2.  We suggest two members of your team join the Yahoo! group in case one of you is away or if you change your email address without changing it in Yahoo! Groups.

3.  Send us an email providing a second contact person or if you are considering starting an FLL team and want to post a question to experienced coaches.  We will send an invitation to join the group.  You can reach us at



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