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    March 17 – 19          Central Illinois Regional       Bradley University Renaissance Coliseum, 1600 W. Main St., Peoria
    March 31 - April 2     Midwest Regional                 UIC Pavilion, 525 South Racine, Chicago


    The FRC season “officially” begins each year with a local Kickoff Event on a Saturday in January announcing the game challenge for the year and marking the beginning of the design and build season.  The 107 local Kickoffs scheduled across the United States and in Australia, Canada, Mexico and Israel give teams the opportunity to compare notes, get ideas, make friends, find mentoring teams, learn the game, pick up their Kit of Parts and get geared up for the exciting competition season!  Illinois is home to two Kickoff events, one at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and one at Bradley University in Peoria.  After the Kickoff, teams will have 6 weeks to design, build and program a robot (up to 5 feet tall and 120 pounds) to complete the game challenge tasks, both independent of direct driver control and with the use of a wireless control.  In February, on the universal “Stop Build Day”, the team’s robot is “bagged and tagged” - not to be opened until the first day of the competition for which they have registered.

    In 2016 starting at the end of February, a total 127 Regional and District competition events will be taking place not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Israel, Mexico and Australia culminating in the World Championship event which takes place in St. Louis April 28-30, 2016.  FRC Regional Competitions are unique high-tech spectator sporting events.  They are part rock concert with visual screens, music, dancing and outrageous costumes; part NASCAR with the “pits”, the machines and sponsor names on robots; and part Broadway, with lights, set, orchestration, and choreography, combining to produce a well-rehearsed show and a grand finale of awards /celebration. 

    “When I walked into this stadium, it was like walking into the greatest sporting event –

    a Super Bowl, an All-Star game, a World Series game.  And it’s better than that, because

    we’re with truly the best talent in this country.” – Jim Clark, President and CEO of Boys &

    Girls Clubs of America at 2012 World Championship.


    In 2016, we invite you to experience the excitement and join us at one of our two regionals in Illinois:

    During the off-season, FIRST FRC teams throughout Illinois) actively engage in a variety of events.  Many teams compete in Off-Season Competitions ranging from small, local events to large tournaments.  FRC teams also participate in demonstrations such as the Museum of Science and Industry’s Robot Block Party, the International Manufacturing Technology Show held at McCormick Place, university sponsored STEM Fests, Peoria Riverfront Museum RoboFest, local fairs and festivals - teams even demonstrate their robots at the Taste of Chicago!  Educational workshops and challenges are often held, hosted either by teams or by corporate sponsors, covering a variety of topics and creating camaraderie among teams.  In addition, many FRC teams or members become event volunteers and/or mentors for FIRST LEGO League or FIRST Tech Challenge teams during their competitive seasons.