FTC Teams Attending

2012 Illinois Championship Tournament – Qualified Teams

Thirty Two FIRST FTC teams will be traveling to IIT in Chicago for this Championship Tournament on December 8, 2012. The event promises to be exciting, fun and highly competitive!


Team Name Sponsor
116 Crazy Eights Octagon Robotics
329 Chicago Squires Chicago Knights
535 Tobor Crawfordsville High School
779 Wildcats Rauner College Prep
3216 Robophins Whitney Young Magnet High School
3537 The Mecha-Hampsters Homeschool Team
3785 Beastie Bots Highland Park High School
4049 Masai Lions Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy
4115 Men in Kilts Homestead High School
4507 RoboChargers Covenant Christian High School
4605 Robohackerz Beaver Dam High School
4965 Animatores Romani Latin School of Chicago
4982 Cafe Bot Homeschool Team
5037 got robot? Elgin Technology Center
5085 Newton's Lawyers The Science & Technology Education Project
5200 That's A Good Question Barrington High School
5202 Stand / Try2 4-H RoboStorms
5203 Brains on Bots Urbana, IL
5256 Spare Parts Covenant Christian High School
5294 What the Heck is PI? Fox Valley Robotics
5295 Steel Pythons Fox Valley Robotics
5297 NerdBots Fox Valley Robotics
5451 Da Big Meks Highland Park High School
5452 Warbots Highland Park High School
5928 The 3rd Wheel The 3rd Wheel - Lane Tech High School
6007 Octopi Crystal Lake School
6199 Return of the Rings Barrington High School
6206 Ohm's Olympians Marion, IL
6287 Warbots Highland Park High School
6397 NIU EEP Northern Illinois University
6429 Girls Gone Wired Highland Park High School
6459 Cyborg Indians Cyborg Indians - Lane Tech High School



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