Chicago Southside Qualifying Tournament

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Saturday January 31, 2015


Claremont Comets
Claremont Academy
2300 W. 64th St.
Chicago, IL 60636

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Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights


Registration for this event is now closed.


Teams should use the School parking lot located on Claremont.  Please park responsibly to allow for more parking and easy exiting. 
     TEAMS must enter in the South Main entrance on the corner of 64th & Oakley Ave. 
     VOLUNTEERS may enter in the West Side entrance on Claremont directly across from parking lot.


A concession stand in the lunchroom will be handled by school staff throughout the day.

Lunch Arrangements:

  • Option 1: Papa T's
    2843 West 63rd Street
    Chicago, IL 60629     (773) 436-2100
    Orders must be placed and prepaid by phone prior to 11:00 am and information given to concessions stand, teams are responsible for payment at time of delivery if not prepaid over phone
  • Option 2: Little Caesars Pizza
    2906-08 West 63rd Street
    Chicago, IL 60629     (773) 434-4625
    Orders must be placed and prepaid by phone prior to 11:30 am and information given to attendant at concessions. Volunteer staff will pick-up orders prior to lunch break
  • Option 3: Subway
    6044 South Western Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60636     (773) 925-4450
    Orders must be placed and prepaid by phone prior to 11:30 am and information given to attendant at concessions. Volunteer staff will pick-up orders prior to lunch break
  • Option 4:
    Team are more than welcome to send for food, Western Ave. is full of fast food restaurants, ask the concession attendant for advice and recommendations.
Advise your selection, you are part of a competition at Claremont Academy for pick-up and delivery.


In order to eliminate the possibility of interference with the FTC Field Control System, Chicago Math and Science Academy will be preventing access to all Wifi networks in the venue on the day of the event to limit possible interference, meaning no Wifi access will be available.


7:00 am Volunteers Arrive
7:30 am Teams Arrive
Pits and Team Registration Opens
8:00 am

Hardware and Software Inspection Begins
Judging Begins

10:00 am Judging and Inspections End
10:10 am Drivers/Coaches Meeting
10:30 am Opening Ceremonies
10:45 am Qualification Matches Begin
12:30 pm Lunch Break
1:00 pm Qualification Matches Resume
3:50 pm Alliance Selection
4:00 pm Start Elimination Matches
5:15 pm Awards and Closing Ceremonies
6:00 pm Pits Close

Note: All times are subject to change. We will work hard to maintain this agenda but occasionally things happen outside our control. Please pay attention to announcements in case changes are necessary.

  1. Judging times are handled with Octagon Robotics Placing system: First come First Serve at Registration, An Engineering notebook and team required rosters must be handed in to obtain interview ticket.

  2. Teams can use electronic text message to advise inappropriate activity, Acts of Gracious Professionalism or suggestions and appreciation of event staff during the event. Ask the registration desk for the information at check-in.

Registration Information

Teams Attended:

# Team # Team Name Location
1 329 Chicago Squires Chicago
2 3758 Juarez Aztec Eagles Chicago
3 3785 Beastie Bots Highland Park
4 4337 DeVry Daemons Chicago
5 4442 robots done right Highland Park
6 5451 robot wranglers Highland Park
7 5452 robot to the knee Highland Park
8 6199 Spartans Barrington
9 6201 Bonzai Barrington
10 6287 warbots Highland Park
11 7007 Techno Bots Chicago
12 7016 Robo Wildcats Country Club Hills
13 7030 RoboMinds Chicago
14 7074 BOOC Bots Dolton
15 7116 Robotic Wildcats Country Club Hills
16 7351 Dynamic Signals Gurnee
17 8342 Claremont Academy Chicago
18 8846 Team Tech Dolton
19 8847 Three, Two, One Dolton
20 9017 Techno Wildcats Country Club Hills
21 9635 Teen Girl Squad Chicago


Tournament Results:

Competition Results:

Winning Alliance
Captain: 6287 warbots Highland Park, IL
1st Selected: 5452 robot to the knee Highland Park, IL
2nd Selected: 4442 robots done right Highland Park, IL
Finalist Alliance
Captain: 5451 robot wranglers Highland Park, IL
1st Selected: 3785 Beastie Bots Highland Park, IL
2nd Selected: 6199 Spartans Barrington, IL


Judged Awards:

Motivate Award
The Motivate Award recognizes outstanding team spirit shown though costumes and outfits, team support, and other methods of standing out and raising attention. Teams that reach out to their schools and community to raise awareness of FIRST and their FTC efforts have done so in a variety of cool and inventive methods - this winner is no exception. And this is what the judges said:
Watch out Chicago Southside, make sure you take good notes.
Sit down, hang up your jacket and put on your lab coats.
Made sure the forklift was working before they entered the gate,
Here comes the DeVry Daemens to capture the award to Motivate! BOOM!!!
Winner: 4337, DeVry Daemons, Chicago, IL
Connect Award
The Connect Award is a bit different than the Motivate Award. Winners of the Connect Award have done a great deal of community outreach not only to spread the word about FIRST but specifically to include engineers, scientists, and other technology professionals into their outreach efforts. This creates connections between teams, FIRST, and the professional world that can last years beyond their participation in FTC. Connect Award winners also develop and execute plans to fund their team including clear goals and objectives - including how they can give back to their community in the future. And this is what the judges said:
This team combines RED and BLUE.
Its MUSCULAR robot can carry a HEAVY burden.
PURPLE in majesty and STRONG as an OX,
The Connect Award goes to team 3785, the Beastie Bots!
Winner: 3785, Beastie Bots, Highland Park, IL
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award
The Rockwell Collins Innovate Award is robot specific. It celebrates teams who come up with innovate solutions to the Game Challenge that most others have overlooked. These solutions can't just look good - they've got to work... at least most of the time. Historically, some of the most innovative breakthroughs in science and technology have come when fresh thinking is applied to a known problem. This year's Rockwell Collins Innovate Award winners demonstrated that type of thinking. And this is what the judges said:
After scooping nearly 140 balls on the field, this team raised up to the top.
Demonstrating Gracious Professionalism on and off the field, as well as in the pits, this team managed to expand their HORIZONS.
And at the end of the day, after a tough day of competition they left the field BLACK and PINK.
The Innovate Award goes to team 7007, the Techno Bots!
Winner: 7007, Techko Bots, Chicago, IL 
PTC Design Award
We are happy that PTC has offered to sponsor the PTC Design Award. The intent of this award is to expand the challenge, inspiring teams to incorporate industrial design into their robots. These elements can be shown in the simplicity of the design as it applies to the tasks, the look and feel of the robot, and how the design allows us to think of robots in new ways. The Design aspects must serve a function - but they should also differentiate the robot in a unique fashion - not an easy task with a limited set of parts and game challenge. And this is what the judges said:
In the heat of battle, strategy is key.
With a wave of your flag, all enemies flee.
Your opponents attempts are all for naught.
And the Design Award goes to team 6287, the War Bots!
Winner: 6287, DHS Vets, Highland Park, IL 
Highest Seed Rookie Award
Celebrates the highest-seeded rookie team at the conclusion of the qualifying rounds.
Winner: 8847, Three, Two, One, Dolton, IL
Rookie Award
Young in age, few in number, new to the GAME,
There is no doubt they’re shooting to FAME
This teams’ future is NOVA BRIGHT.
They’re shooting out of SIGHT!
Winner: 8342, Cyber Comets, Chicago, IL
Dean's List Semi Finalists
Winner: Alex Zasky from 5451, Robot Wranglers, Highland Park, IL
Judges Award - Against the Odds
Winner: 7116, Robotics Wildcats, Country Club Hills, IL
Think Award
Every team at this event has had to think - hopefully a lot. The Think Award recognizes the team that has successfully thought, organized, and documented their journey from their starting point to their final design. The engineering notebook is the record of this journey. Just like in real life, teams that can document their process have the best chance at learning from it and improving on it. And this is what the judges said:
They were shooting for the stars when they grasped for control.
They fought like warriors going after victory.
Along the way with a conveyor belt, our attention they stole.
Congratulations for the Think Award, Robot to the Knee!
Winner:  5452, Robot to the knee, Highland Park, IL
Inspire Award
The Inspire Award is the highest award given by FTC. The winner of the Inspire Award is automatically eligible for advancement to the next tournament level. The Inspire Award winner is the 'prototype' for what we'd like to see all teams achieve as part of the FIRST Tech Challenge. They do many of the things mentioned in the other awards. The difference is that they've tied these together in a comprehensive manner resulting in success in the competition, outreach to the community, robot design, team spirit, and engineering accomplishment. That's a tall order but we've got some great candidates for this award today. And this is what the judges said:
This team travelled a great distance.
Nothing STOPPED this team from FISHING around for the right materials.
This team sent out positive SIGNALS all day long.
The Inspire Award goes to team 7351, Dynamic Signals
Winner: 7351, Dynamic Signals, Gurnee, IL  
2nd Runner Up: 5452, Robot to the knee, Highland Park, IL 3rd Runner Up: 6201, QWOP Bot, Barrington, IL

Advancement Criteria to the 2014-2015 Illinois FTC Championship Tournament

Rank Team # Team Name Award Qualify for IL FTC Championship Tournament
1 116 Crazy Eights Qualifier Host Team yes
2 7351 Dynamic Signals Inspire Award Winner yes
3 6287 Warbots Winning Alliance Captain yes
Check here to review the advancement criteria for Cascade Effect. A minimum of three (3) teams shall advance from each Qualifier to the State Championship. The number of teams advancing from each Qualifier and the League Championship to the State Championship is based on the number of teams competing at each event. Qualifiers with a greater number of teams will advance more teams. Until the actual number of teams at each event is verified, allocation of extra slots will not be determined.
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